Fishing has picked up a little since Saturday. We had an okay day yesterday with some Kings pooling up underneath the short bridge and a decent number of reported hookups, compared to how it’s been anyway. We did get some rain throughout the night which should get the fish moving a little and we’ve already heard the bite has picked up a bit this morning.
Still waiting to see the bigger numbers of Kings and we have heard reports they are schooling up in the estuary but having seen the big push in the river. The most we can tell everyone is NOT TO PANIC. Most people, ourselves included, have been comparing this season to last year. While we can say that the fish are moving a little late this year, it’s not as late as you think. Last season we caught our first fish out of the shop August 10th and let us tell you that that is more unusual than the fish being late this year. Typically the big run does start mid to late September so really we don’t have reason to get too scared yet. The rain and cooler temperatures we have been seeing will hopefully kick the run up a notch and help us all who have been patiently, and like me not so patiently, waiting get into some fish within the next week or so.
If you are planning to come check out the action soon just keep checking in with us to see when we are reporting some bigger numbers. We want you to catch fish as much as you do and we won’t lie to you. We always inform fisherman to the best of our knowledge and want to help you have the best experience possible. We are now open 24/7 until the end of the season, and are just a phone call away for the most up-to-date report. Shoot us a call any time. (315) 298-4343.

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