Hi everyone, Salmon river is running @ 335 cfs… Coho Red!!!! Fish moving hauling ass!! Coho can make there journey to spawn up river in one day maybe two. Some ho’s will get caught up in fast water were they will rest mainly in the mid day afternoon. Move up stream with the fish gotta get ahead of them. Head water and tail outs are good places to fish out of a pool into an incline fast water. Narrow and rough current is better with pockets. Gotta work for them! Stop a Coho with a red hook or a Coho comet. Estuary is loading with fish!! A lot of males in the river right now!! Females aren’t to far behind. Questions most asked? Will the “run” of Salmon be over before we get there? We haven’t seen heavy migration yet but the river is taking on fish every day sometimes in better numbers.We don’t know when migration will end but we are catching fish right now. Should we take a trip up early? What are our changes on getting into a fish? Working the right water willing to move and cover ground. Follow experience! Fisherman that have been on the river a long time are catching fish. Get to the bottom and ya gotta good chance. Fresh fish out of the lake are exciting and fun come on up!! Happy fishing srss j button

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