Hi everyone, Salmon river is running @ 500 cfs…More water more Salmon!!! This year is a high water season we have plenty of both water and fish. Every day is a new day and fresh fish are constantly moving. Even tho some reports show fishing has slowed doesn’t mean other parts of the river aren’t on fire!! We have a nice fresh migration of Kings moving up steam. The main reason every day is a new day Salmon move all 24 hours. Salmon are loading in the river all threw the night and some times it puts them right in our lap. We always recommend starting on the lower half 2a down stream in the morning then working your way up stream in the afternoon. NEW COMERS!!! Struggling to get into fish! We are here to help you. I don’t care what any body says there is a lot of fish in the river right now. We are the good ol’ boy shop all we do is hunt and fish and we want to see you catch your first Salmon!! Please if you have questions and are struggling on the river come to the Shop!! Happy fishing!! srss j button

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