Salmon River Sports Shop is the only rod and reel repair shop in town, and we have over 40 years of experience so you know you’re in good hands. We specialize in spin, fly, center pin, and clos face reels. We do eye and fly guide replacements, rod wrapping, and tip replacements on all rods. The shop has a large inventory of parts for older reels and parts for replacing handles for rods and reels.

Salmon River Sports Shop also provides maintenance service for your reels. We have a saying in the shop, “Fishing in the river is like racing in the Indie 500.” The river and fish are so rough on your equipment, you need to pull your reel in for a pit stop once in a while.

For $5.95 we can clean out your reel and add some lubricant to keep it running smooth. This will prolong the life and quality of your reel to catch more fish.

Just a reminder please do not take your reel apart, reason being that there is a lot of intricate parts in your reel that when lost will make it tough for us to repair. The service is cheap and the parts are peanuts, stop in and we will be more the happy to help you.

Here are some prices for some of the most common repairs:

  • Bail spring – $5-$10
  • Tip replacement – $5
  • Eye/fly guide replacement – $10 each
  • Fly reel handle replacements – $20
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