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Hi Everyone! Winter Steelhead fishing has been very good on the Salmon River. Steelhead have been abundant and easy to catch weather providing. As spring approaches, the weather has been milder and the river is perfect. Now we are seeing silver spring “Steelies”migrating upstream and the colorful winter fish moving back to the lake. Now is the time to be here, weather providing. Eventually, our spring flood will make the rivers and streams UN-fish-able for a couple of weeks as the snow melts off in tug  hill. Generally that happens in mid to late April, so make sure you call first. Some years the spring melt offers great opportunities in the smaller streams, depending on how fast the snow melts. Right now, March, the Salmon River is the place to be! Estaz flies, egg sacs, pink bubble gum worms work best. The stone flies will be hot anytime now as well. Just make sure you are working the the bottom. If you keep any help or info, just give us a call. Thank you, SRSS.

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