Hi Everyone, Water is running@350cfs. Some nice steelhead came threw yesterday mixed with kings and cohos. Not a lot of fish,but enough to keep everyone on the river interested. First light last bite has been best and deeper pockets in the middle of the day. Reports of fish in the estuary and some making there way up. Still small groups, and fishermen working hard for fish are hooking up. Weather is going to be changing soon!! We have to remind everyone that we are fishermen and a bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work. Even tho it’s not instant gratification! There’s some real nice fish coming out of the river! When you get more species coming into the river helps thicken up numbers, not a lot,but better. So far the shop boys have gotten every species but a domestic rainbow. They will come into feed and spawn later on in the season. Once in a while we see a Atlantic salmon here or there and this is a nice one hooked out back behind the store this morning and was released. We will keep you posted as the season progresses and have a safe trip in. The web cam on our building is down temporarily and hope fully we can correct the problem soon. You are more then welcome to call the store for reports and we will help you!! srss j.button

20150917_081126 20150917_081142 IMG_0642

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