well kinda tough to fish the lower have of the river right now kinda frozen but the middle and upper half of the river is fish-able and guys are getting fish. Pink egg sacks have been working along with the pink worm. Flies have been taking fish as well. lots on black woolly buggers  , white woolly buggers both in size 6 or 8. stone flies have started working a little better in the past few days. the river is currently at 350 cfs . if you”re planing on making the trip up look for them warm ups. if the weather has been in the teens for a few days then it go’s up to mid 20’s to 30’s you would want to fish the warmer days. some times a little bit of change turns these fish on. The weather  look good for this weekend. http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/pulaski-ny/13142/daily-weather-forecast/339745.

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