hello everyone,

The steelhead fishing has still been strong, only problem is not as many guys are getting out with this cold weather and with how much slush has been in the river, makes for a difficult fishing trip. We are getting a little bit of a warm up over the next couple of days which will not only make it easier on the fishermen but will also tend to make the fish bite more. The river is running at 500 cfs today and is a great level for fishing, but tends to fluctuate quit frequently. If you plan on fishing through out the winter months keep track of the weather and wait for the warm ups to hit and that is when the fishing tends to be the best. While flies, egg sacs, and pink bubble gum worms are great for steelhead during this time of year, most people have been reporting that trout beads have been working the best. During this time of year you cant beat the center pin and float technique on the river to catch these fish, and you will see majority of fishermen using this technique. If you have any question or need further updates make sure to call us or stop in the shop (315)298-4343



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