19 lb steelhead

hi everyone,
water is running at 500cfs…..its down!!! for the past three days water came down from 1850cfs. fishing has bin moderate. takes couple of days for fish and fishermen to adjust. did see some nice catches when sun peeked out today. we have bin on our third cold front over the past 5 days. makes it alittle hard on hands. looks like weather is gonna clean up towards latter part of the week.
there are fresh steelies moving in the lower and plenty of fish threw out the whole river. tipping down to lite line and smaller hooks will help pick up a better bite. most are running 12 to 8 or 10 to 6 pound and size 8 hook. float fishermen are starting to get better strikes!! fish will pool up at 500cfs town pool, long bridge, black hole, 81 bridge, papermill are all great spots to run float and spey when fish pool up.
we are excited to see trout season take off real well with the high water we need that water to get them here so we can enjoy all the way to may. if your planning a trip or want to come up for the day give us a call 315 298 4343 and will do our best to get you into fish..srss

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