Hi everyone,

Water is running 500cfs until 7pm  sunday  nov 17. 900cfs from 7pm to monday night. the lower half today was spotty but we did see some nice catches. Fishermen fishing the douglaston reported many fish and many hook ups. with higher water heading our way it will push fish up. We did have new comers getting in to there first fish behind the store. Always a joy to see!! Egg sacs we ran
hard today, a natural bait witch is hard to refuse when steelies are feeding. Fishing up river was hit and miss alot of mixed reports. Wax worms were hot for some in slow moving pools. Two young ladies came in early this morning  and grabbed a whole tube! They were back in the store at 9am looking for a fish cleaner….wow!! Waxies work! Yes they do! Sometimes with late fall warm ups natural baits work or live baits. Cant forget the all purpose nightcrawler what fish doesnt like worms? Trout do!! Every day is a new day on the salmon river and tommarow is peeking out in the 60’ssss……fish on!!

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