hi everyone,
water is running at 1850cfs…..with run off. little tougher today with water running into true bank fishing. some got fish and some stayed home. is there plenty of fish? yes there is!! the question of the day. should we come up and fish? if you have bin here before and know how to fish high water theres alot of fish here. if your new and not sure we can help you get into them. we are always willing to help from behind the counter.we are all teachers here. if its your first time on the salmon river and you are unsure mite want to come up alittle later when the water lays down. we always recamend getting a guide. we have guides at the ready that are all good teachers. plenty of steelies to enjoy no matter what the water level is. these steelies will hold and feed and spawn all the way to may. some strans will come at different times.. crome steelies are fresh!! its always a two way river on the lower half fish falling back and going up. good rule of thumb! first bite last bite fish the lower half for freshies middle of the day if the bite slows go up river with the fish. water is gonna stay high threw the weekend so becareful out there!! thanks srss

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