Hi Everyone,

Water is running at 350 cfs…….We are starting to warm up and nice to see

trout heads in the store reporting and looking for gear. Fish have been taken in the

ballpark and up river. Some times we can get into that pocket water were shelf ice is

not so bad. Your mainly looking for the small tight back swirls next to the first seem.

Fast water meeting slow water!! When snow is chilling down the river slowing down

your drift can help fishermen get’em on. Thingamabobbers and in line floats can help

slow down the drift. You want to visualize that the bobber presents still but moving.

Meaning the bobber pauses during the drift. Some times this is done by mending.

Stone flies are starting to pick up fish threw out the whole river. Stonies do hatch hear

year round and is our most used bug imitation. We like a deep black with just a little

bit of sheen. Swiss straw  is great for this look and matches Salmon river stonies real

well. Placing biots sprung out, curved out, helps the fly maintain integrity. This

weekend is looking good for weather now would be e good time to chase after some

world class trout. Thanks srss

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