Happy Thanksgiving,

Water is running at 750 cfs………….Steelies where did they go? There still

here!!!  Slow on the bite with cold temps hitting us. Getting some reports one here or

there. Weather temp is going up a little over weekend hopefully will turn on a better bite.

Few fishermen on the river enjoying some time off on Thanksgiving. We are still

thankful that we are here. Salmon River Sports Shop is going into its 42nd season. We

can only thank you for supporting us. Over the years the Gervaise family has provided

free information. Starting in there hardware  store in the 60’s. True value hardware

salmon river hot line, was the jingle Ron Gervaise came up with when he came up

to the Salmon river. Doodling on a napkin the Famous Salmon river stick fish were

born, witch is still our trade mark today. Ron purchased Salmon River Sports Shop

in 1972 and we are talking fish. We still have that over the counter hardware store

style service and do our best to take care of you. We try to bend an ear and spend time

with every customer. The Button family has bin with the shop since 1994 and never

left. I needed a lot of instruction being a Pa boy! How do I catch these things? The

very first words out of Ron’s mouth was ” ill give you the arrows you just need to

be a good Indian” Took awhile to hook and land. After several trips I finally got my

first fish. But our time in the Sports Shop really got going when my daughter Alexa

took up a passion for fly tying. Alexa and Ron would spend hours going over

patterns and colors.  My son Malcolm is now heading up our new website. He is

majoring in computer science at Oswego State and is getting us on board with new business.

Our store is getting up so you can all shop on line. Just i few more changes and we will

be operating. Even an old store like us has things to start a new. We are very excited!!!

We will share the news when this goal is in motion. Thanks again for your support!

Have a good Turkey day!! srss

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