hi everyone,
water is running at 1500cfs……how many steelies are in the river? just think our first fish brought in here august 8th was a chinook salmon and a summertime steelie. are steelies here year round? yes they are!! heavier numbers migrate to feed and spawn just about the begining of october all the way to may. high water and cold snotty weather has steelhead coming threw the lower half just about every day.
with a heavy consatration of browns in the lower half,rule of thumb there’s steelies behind feeding on loose eggs. feed and spawn, feed and spawn!!!
we have the whole river loaded from top to bottom. drift boat fishing is a great way to get several hook ups and landing brings you closer to the fish then bank fishing….our trips are a teaching ride down a 16 mile stretch of pockets, runs, and pools. the river is broken up into 3 primary sections upper altmar bridge to pineville,mid half pineville to 2a,and 2a down to ballpark,blackhole or douglaston. when water is high what a great way to get into fish!! our guides running out of the store the past few days have had awesome trips. mike price a native who grew up in the store ran the mid section and did very well on plugs. the price is right!! salmon river sports shop charges 325 for 2 in a boat for 6 hrs of fishing fun…row jimmy ran the upper and fish were in the boat! row jimmy has bin fishing the river since 1982 and never left. he reported a little bit of everything float, spin and plug. harry the terminator, banked fished the lower and his client did 6 fish right off the bat! we had alittle lull and harry kept on and picked up a fresh run later in the day! bank fishing trips are 175 for 6hrs per person. if you would like to book just email us or call the store for more details…….thank you so much for your support and let us know how your doing! srss. jim button

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