If you check up on our webcam at all you know that over the past week especially the river has really frozen over with some ice. The other side of the bridge is no better. The ice is built up almost all the way across the river at the town pool and pretty much anywhere else the current isn’t really strong. That’s not to say there aren’t places in town that are accessible, but you definitely won’t be able to leisurely fish from shore. This is the type of weather that separates the fisherman from the fishheads, and for those fishheads who have been putting the time in (you know who you are) they’re coming off the river with Steelies. Most of the reports from our diehards have come from upriver, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get them in town. A lot of the areas are iced over but if you go to higher current areas the ice is broken up enough in spots to get in. That being said, be smart when choosing your spot to fish. Nothing is worth getting hurt over and you need to think twice before testing the strength of the ice on the river. Look for areas that are clear of ice starting from shore and slowly wade out. The fish are waiting so come and get them.



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