Some decent winds last night that got a few Walleye close to shore. Fishing seems to be consistently good off the shore on Oneida when the wind is right. The main things to look for when casting from shore with stick bait are weather conditions. I’ve found more often than not overcast nights when the wind is in your face are the best. No matter where you are on the lake you want to plan it on a night when the wind is in your favor. Before I go I always check my location with a weather site such as WeatherBug to confirm wind direction and speed. Look for a wind that’s going to be in your face and add a little chop to the water. Flat water can produce just as difficult of a bite as a lake that’s too turned up so you want conditions that are right in the middle. 3-8 mph winds are usually in that zone. Remember, Walleye come to shore chasing the baitfish so try to choose a bait similar in style as their natural food source, but slightly flashier in color to get their attention. Bigger sizes in the fall, smaller in the spring.

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